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Why should you hire mac-business?

What is your business management still lacking even when you are using best accounting software for bookkeeping?

Well, old days have gone when entering just sale and purchase data in an old fashioned software was enough to get the desired feedback to hype up the financial strategies. Bookkeeping is not just bookkeeping anymore!

Competition is higher, hence you require;

  1. expert level of business strategies,
  2. innovative business ideas
  3. updated recording of your business chronicles at every second.

Confused? Well, no need as MAC-BUSINESS is here to fight with all the organizational anxieties, financial risks, data entering chaos, business maintenance and all in price twice -less than hiring a financial expert to use paid bookkeeping software.

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We are offering convenient services for Small Business Management


Account Payable Services

When it comes to compiling, maintaining, paying and then updating the record of accounts payable services


Account Receivable Services

Keeping record of the cash which you have not yet received is really distress


Bookkeeping Services

To make your business growth smooth and hassle free, we are offering kickass bookkeeping management services


Bank Reconciliation Services

When it comes to managing, preparing and working with the bank statements for your business, it can be a chore as you keep crunching numbers again and again in order to keep track of the digits.


Payroll Processing Services

Doesn’t matter if the company is based on fifty employees or 500, labor cost management is integrally required and main thing that comes in management of human capital is their payrolls in order to diminish any chances of business downfall due to unhappy labors.


Strategic Planning

If you are ready to start a flight as business entrepreneur, our virtual CFO will help you to make informed decision from very start of your business to gain success.



E-auditing is not different than the usual auditing that companies and corporations providing for years to bring and brought better business opportunities for the clients.


Cash Flow Foretelling

In this way, a better strategic planning can be done in order to avoid any catastrophes of future such as lack of cash


Debt Reduction Planning

Everything a business requires to expand itself is not necessarily available back in the inventory and this is when debt plans enter in.


Managing salaries of my workers in my company and keeping up with the profits was the hardest thing I face before meeting Mac. At first, I was not sure but after one-week trial, I confidently outsourced the payroll services of my company. My employees are working now with more enthusiasm as they are getting salaries in time. I am also quite relieved as I am able to track my money completely

Mr. Shazad Shah Nawaz CEO of

Being a textile company owner, I am never free to look up for accounts and supervision of accountants. My friend recommended outsourcing my bookkeeping and accounting business to an online company. While looking for a trustworthy organization, I came to find the Mac. They not only gave me business proposal but a free trial and then I confidently hired them for my accounting business.

Mr, Ejaz Ahmad, Owner at Moon Textiles Faisalabad.

I have an E-commerce related website so my goal was to get the most traffic from the internet. I didn't try to use techniques that YouTubers tell online because by doing so my precious website could have been blocked. Mac made it easier for me as within just third month of my contract, I was enjoying the heavy potential traffic on my website. Thank you, Mac!

Mr. Saad Ahmad, CEO of Faisalabad fabric store

Nayyer Aqib


Saad Ahmed


Majid Rafeeq