Welfare Activity By MacBusiness

Pasban IT Technician and Accountants Welfare Group

Pasban Group Faisalabad Pakistan, is the proud runners of many charity projects across the border related to education, scholarships, free medical checkup, free medicines, and free technical courses, in Faisalabad as well as other parts of the country.

Major Shah Nawaz UL Hassan, started his career as a soldier, during his career, he visited many places and areas of Pakistan where the living standard was low, people were struggling for even basic necessities and there were no resources of education available. Major Shah Nawaz started thinking about running charity organization to help deprived people of Pakistan not just regarding, food but also related to education so that every citizen of Pakistan can live better, live independently and live with zeal and velour.

Hence, after attaining much wealth through his IT and Accounting projects, Mr. Shah Nawaz inaugurated the first ever free technical education providing institute in Faisalabad. This is the first ever project of the private sector regarding free computer and technical education. In this institute, deserving students are selected on the basis of their intelligence and offered:

  1. Free computer courses
  2. Free courses related to online earning
  3. Free courses related to technical education
  4. Free books
  5. Free Uniforms
  6. Free food in lunch hours
  7. The higher education scholarship for intelligent students with and without stipend.

Moreover, for widows, older citizens, disabled persons and many others who cannot earn for themselves are offered with:

  1. Free food
  2. Free Medicines
  3. Free medical checkups

For patients with ailments, Pasban Group Faisalabad held free camps every year on different locations of the city where well-known doctors of Pakistan are invited to offer free medical checkups for poor patients, completely free of cost. There they offer
• Free checkups and medicine for hepatitis C patients.
• Free eye camps.
• Heart treatment completely free of cost.
This is how Pasban Group Faisalabad Pakistan, runs charities by using their resources for those who are less fortunate.