About Us

Our Mission:

For twenty years we are helping small and mid-sized companies in keeping up with their financial, monetary, philanthropic and accounts related business tasks. Our mission is to help companies grow faster, take complete hold of the transaction, compete successfully with rivals and make supreme identity in the market.

Our Vision:

Mac Business Solution a dedicated firm of accounting is aiming to for a vision to be the most trustworthy firm related to bookkeeping and accounting, build a list of customers with successful business and manage the help companies grow faster than ever, without caring about borders and ethnicities.

Moral Codes

As Arthur Schopenhauer says “Compassion is the basis of moralities”.  thus mainly we are compassionate to maintain:

Maintain Integrity:

We believe that truth is the only key to success either the bond is personal or professional. We are coded to maintain our integrity by making genuine claims to our clients’ success instead of imagining we believe in practicality. Thus

  1. We tell truths
  2. Give time to our clients for trusting us
  3. Maintains that earned trust
  4. Charge low fee and take money only when you are successful

Maintaining Bond with Clients

As stated before, we care for our clients more than we do for ourselves. Hence starting from a free basic trial of our services we start building a bond with our clients. We assure them with success and charge with they are successful.

  1. Free trial for one week
  2. Complete access to services
  3. Complete access to CFO
  4. 24 hours, 7 days of a week customer support without a delay

Maintaining Labor Force:

We believe in offering and providing our team with the best environment so that they will be able to dedicate themselves for work. Supervision and training goes hand in hand in order to keep our workers updated. Hence we provide

  1. Balanced opportunities
  2. Constant Support
  3. Training Sessions
  4. Access to tools and information by using

Maintaining Teamwork

Being family of experienced finance gurus, we are always welcoming new ideas either suggestion is made by accountant, bookkeeper or a senior finance officer, each and everything is given great importance.

  1. Team work
  2. Team leads
  3. Welcoming new ideas
  4. Taking responsibility of the actions and reactions caused

Scoops of Success:

Mac Business Solutions is a firm owned by world famous CFO Mr. Muhammad Nayyar an experienced Finance officer started his career 20 years back in a country where pressure on economy is huge and financial resources are low. At very start of his career, Mr. Nayyar understood to deal with limited resources. “Creating more with less” slogan becomes his success and soon he was called abroad by foreign companies to get more out of less. Starting from there, he worked in Gulf States of Arabia, Western Europe regions and Some South America firms and gained huge success.

Working for firms related to international levels, he started understanding the economies, market trends, business scopes and International monetary tendencies in better possible way. He knows when and how to move in which economic situation to avoid disasters and degradations.

After becoming much confident about his aptitude, Mr Nayyar started working privately by starting his own business consultation firm for accounting and bookkeeping by bringing latest technologies of the world in grip.

For convenience, he hired top professionals from the world and now maintaining a team of skilled finance officers. Using Software and human force together, Nayyar is helping business to gain success.

Our Specialties:

We have specialized in;

  • Skilled Workers
  • Dedication
  • Free Services
  • Use of Technology

We specifically Deal in

  • Accounting Services
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • CFO Services
    • Digital
    • Manual
  • Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Budgeting
  • Bank Reconciliation Services
  • Break Even Analysis
  • Expense Tracking
  • Debt Planning
  • Compliance Management

For more information on Services check our services page.